Valencia update – Amy Cameron (1)

I have been in Valencia for nearly a week, the time has flown by!  These first few days have been spent mainly exploring, walking miles through the winding streets and frequently getting lost.

There have been a few things to take my interest since arriving.  Firstly shadows.  The strong sun creates beautiful patterns on the streets and buildings, describing the negative space of everything positive.  I am always intrigued by traces the world leaves behind. I can see these traces in the growing shadows.

Secondly, Valencia is full of beautiful patterns and ornament.  The city is dotted with traditional majolica style tiles, often brightly floral or depicting historical scenes with colourful characters.  Buildings are lavishly decorated in a mixture of Gothic, Renaissance and Art Nouveau styles.
This residency has come at a perfect time for me as I’m at a bit of a crossroads in my practice.  I’ve been a little lost and confused over the past few months and a change of scenery and time to focus on work is exactly what I need.  I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself to create lots of final work whilst but just explore and see what happens.

Here are a few images…


IMG_2798 - Copy