Valencia update – Amy Cameron (2)

I’m now over halfway through my time in Valencia and getting into the swing of things.

Last week I got to take part in Gabinete de Hygiene, a sort of artist’s fair, which was a great opportunity! I only I had a couple of small piece with me so Lisa Gingles kindly allowed me to share her space.  It was lovely to see the work of so many local artists and makers.

Following on from my interest in shadows I have been continuing to play with that form.

The idea of traces left behind by people got me thinking about touch and I have begun to make a series of pencil drawings communicating this.  I haven’t concentrated purely on drawing for a while so it has been very enjoyable having the time and inspiration to do so.

Here are a few images of Gabinete de Hygiene and what I have been up to…




IMG_3662 IMG_3765