Call for Entries – Valencia 10, 11 & 12

Deadline: Monday 25 August, 6pm (UK time)

Residency Series: Valencia

ArtFunkl is pleased to offer artists a special residency opportunity for a 1 month stay in the beautiful western Mediterranean city of Valencia, Spain. This is part of a new programme of special residencies orchestrated by ArtFunkl in collaboration with artists, curators or studio groups.

For this residency ArtFunkl is working with a Manchester based artist and curator, who originates from Valencia. Artists-in-residence taking part in the Valencia residency will be offered the opportunity to benefit from her knowledge of and extensive connections in the local Art scene; her recommendations of people and places which are relevant to the individual artists work and aspirations, and her introductions to people working within the Art world of Valencia.

The Valencia series of residencies is open to artists working in any media, as well as writers or digital media artists, but it is most suitable for people doing non-messy work since there is no separate wet studio.

Also please note there is no WiFi connection in the building, but internet access can be found in many bars and cafes nearby in the city centre.


Valencia 10: 14 Sept – 13 Oct 2014

Valencia 11: 16 Oct – 15 Nov 2014

Valencia 10: 18 Nov – 17 Dec 2014

Valencia _Building

External view of apartment

Valencia _Living

Living Room

Valencia _Living Dining

Kitchen/Living Room

Valencia _Double Bed

Double Bedroom

Valencia _single bed

Single Bedroom/Study

Valencia _Bathroom


Valencia _Balcony

View from balcony

Description of Residency

Valencia (Vəˈlensēə, -ˈlenTHēə)

1 An autonomous region of eastern Spain, on the Mediterranean coast which was formerly a Moorish kingdom (1021–1238)

Valencia is a city immersed in layers of history leading up to the present day. Ancient buildings are positioned side by side with the most modern up to date examples of Architecture, and is it this contrast which gives Valencia it’s sense of intrigue and dynamic. It is an ideal city to escape to, away from the everyday routine, since it provides an exciting experience within a scale (a population of approximately 800,00) which is easy for an incomer to negotiate.

For this residency series ArtFunkl is looking for artists who would like to absorb the energy of this fascinating city in order to refresh and regenerate their practice. There will be the opportunity to develop work in a relaxed and stimulating environment, and support is offered for making contacts with local Artists and Curators via 2 people: 1) a locally based artist who is able to provide orientation and guidance relevant to the Valencia Art world and 2) a Manchester based artist and curator who is originally from Valencia, and has a matrix of connections in the local area which she is happy to use to the advantage of visiting artists.

Accommodation is in a comfortable, well-equipped, airy apartment within a short distance of the historic city centre. The apartment has a double bedroom, and a single bedroom/study room which can be set up as a studio space.


Space and time to work on your own project.

Guidance on negotiating Valencia art world.

Support with making contacts and promoting your work.

Support with initiating dialogues with locally based artists and curators.


The cost of this residency is £675. This includes all household bills.


Please download the attached application form and email it to ArtFunkl along with the documentation listed below:

Word Format : App_Form_Valencia 10_11_12
PDF Format  :  App_Form_Valencia 10_11_12

Please provide the following in pdf format, combined together in one zip file with your name as the title:

• A completed application form

• A Curriculum Vitae/Resumé

• 10 examples of your visual work in jpg or pdf format (or links to work online if you work with digital media), or 3 examples of your writing

A paragraph about yourself, a personal description (around  50 – 100 words)

• A work proposal : a brief outline of the work you propose to carry out while at ArtFunkl Valencia (no more than one A4 sheet)

• A link to your own website or any public site where your work is posted (if applicable)

• 2 x references (must be from a professional person who knows 
you well such as a university tutor or an employer)

Please email all of the above information to by 6pm on Monday 25 August 2014

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