Open Studio, Saturday 8 June – Aspirus 03 & Aspirus 08

Venue: ArtFunkl, 9 Holden Avenue, Whalley Range, Manchester M16 8TA

Artists contributing:

Anil Saldiran (Turkey)

Amy Cannestra (USA)

The Open Studio at ArtFunkl on Saturday 8 June 2013 featured work by current artists in residence, Anil Salidiran (Turkey) and Amy Cannestra (USA). Anil works in traditional media and has a drawing based practice, and Amy’s work is in film/video.

Inspired by the freedom of expression found in modern dance, the practice of Anil Saldiran (Turkey) aims to capture energy and harness the dynamic of flow. Using drawing as the main vehicle for his output, he allows the works evolve according to the emotional influences of the time and context of his current state. The inspiration for this approach is taken from pioneering dancers such a Mary Wigman (1886 – 1973), who translated the then new and innovative ideas of Existentialist thinking into dance method and practice.

Primarily a video artist, the current research of Amy Cannestra (USA), is an intense look at pain from three different perspectives. She has recently been working with two different neuroscientists; one that looks at pain through fMRI technology, and one that looks at pain in a cell by cell comparison; the third point of view is emotional. Each version of pain is very different from one another, but at the same time always affects what and how we feel.

amy 2

amy 3