Open Studio Monday 17 Dec 2012 – Metamorphosis07/Scribus 05

ArtFunkl Artists-in-Residence Open Studio

Monday 17 December 2012, 6 – 9 pm


Metamorphosis 07 (22 November – 19 December 2012)

Kathryn Williamson (USA) – performance and situation based art

Scribus 05 (22 November – 19 December 2012)

Chen-Hsi Wong (Singapore) – film-maker

Live Work 01 (24 October 2012 – 23 April 2013)

Charlotte Emily

Chen-Hsi Wong presented the premiere of her latest work – a short documentary video about experimental free-noise band Open City. Reconstructed from footage shot 10 years ago, this film follows the 3 member band playing a show during the formative years of The Smell, now one of the most prominent DIY, punk-rock and avant-garde music venues in Los Angeles. In this work, Chen-Hsi experiments with synesthesic compositions and a raw video noise aesthetic in response to the music. The documentary features rare interviews with the band members, as well as the founders of the club.

Kathryn Williamson creates images through an action-based practice. The work serves as a reflection of everyday awkward situations or moments in time that might be neglected or ignored. She employs chance, humor, process, site, and situation in a way that conveys uncomfortable feelings of laughter, contemplation, and beauty. For the Open Studio she created an installation work encompassing her points of focus and concern.

Charlotte Emily performed Maid For You, an intimate one to one performance experience which was selected by REcreative, a Louis Vuitton Young Arts Project, as a winning proposal in this years Liverpool Biennial. In the piece Charlotte Emily offered the audience a chance to have a break to recharge their brains in between exhibits. Audience members chose from either: a cup of tea and a chat, a tucked in power nap with bedtime story, or an extended hug with sweet whispered nothings. Charlotte recreated her work originally performed in Liverpool for the ArtFunkl visitors, allowing them to recharge from their Christmas shopping and seasonal happenings.

Best wishes and Seasons Greetings!