Open Studio: Monday 4 February – Experimenta 01

ArtFunkl Artists-in-Residence Open Studio

Monday 4 February, 6 – 9 pm


Metamorphosis 07 (7 January – 7 February 2013)

Candace Couse (Canada) – Video and Installation

Live Work 01 (24 October 2012 – 23 April 2013)

Charlotte Emily & The Spiders

Edible Animals – Food for the event supplied by Candace Couse and Charlotte Emily

Predominantly working with installation and video, Candace Couse, based in Ontario, Canada, is a visual artist whose work examines the basic human need to acquire territory as a prerequisite to identity, as well as the loss of security and anxiety that comes with disorientation.

Couse’s work is informed directly by her personal history with illness, her relationship with her body and with those around her. Otherwise fit, strong and healthy, she has repeatedly been stuck with serious, rare (and not so rare) illness, and abnormality, that has fluctuated between life-threatening and life-altering.

Waste is her current series of fibre-based works exploring ideas of malady, the body, relationships and loss. Waste is a fibre based series designed to assemble into an installation with literal connections made with thread, fabric and fibre.

Utilizing embroidery with the visual sensibilities of a painter, Couse creates stitches, visceral blocks of the internal and deeply private realms of the body and exposes them like literal metaphors; the kinds we so often employ to help visualize emotional agony or bonds.

Also exhibited during the Open studio was a work by ArtFunkl Live/Work Artist-in-Residence Charlotte Emily. Performance artist Charlotte Emily transfered responsibility for the performance to the audience by devising an interactive installation  which used her observations of Call Centre culture to explore behaviour and psychology within a claustrophobically limited and controlled environment.

Candace Couse

Candace Couse

Candace Couse

Charlotte Emily

Charlotte Emily