Open Studio Morphallaxis 06

Artists in Residence – Sophie Graniou and Ding Ren (29th August – 9th October 2011)

Open Studio 6 October 2011

6 – 8pm

Sophie Graniou’s fascination for the supernatural has lead her on a trail to track down sites where haunted happenings have taken place in the Manchester area. Her installation work created at ArtFunkl draws together her findings, and seeks to recreate the sites, sounds, and emotions of the experiences she has documented.

Food, specifically sustainable production and associated supply channels, have been the focus of research carried out by Ding Ren during her residency in Manchester. Ding set out to gain an overview of how the geographical elements of the area influence the infra-structure of environmentally conscious food production. Using the conclusions of this investigation, she has drawn a comparative cultural study of this sector which encompasses the local environment in Greater Manchester, and other places in the world she has previously documented.