Open Studio Morphallaxis 05

Artists in Residence Paula Petroll and Danielle O’Malley

Morphallaxis 05 Residency, 16 July – 27 August 2011

Open Studio Private View – 6 – 9pm on Thursday 25 August 2011

Working in many different media, Danielle O’Malley draws inspiration from traditions of American and European folklore. She adds a contemporary overlay to this, using collage to piece together eclectic tableaux of characters and situations, which sweetly build a dark imaginary world. This realm inhabits a shadowy and slightly sinister area somewhere between consciousness and dream.
The work of Paula Petroll is focused on a development towards the realization of pure form, referencing nothing and beholden only to itself. Paula’s interest in space. time and geometry is expressed in the position and intensity of the lines she chooses. She builds these into worlds within worlds, which have a sense of constant unfolding in a process of continuous expansion.

Danielle O’Malley

Paula Petroll