Open Studio Offsite Event – 17 October 2012 (Metamorphosis 05 & Scribus 03 Residencies)

ArtFunkl Artists-in-Residence event hosted by Malgras:Naudet

Wednesday 17 October 2012, 6 – 9pm

7.30pm “The Future of Digital Publishing” Presentation by Rachael Post


Metamorphosis 05 (10 September – 22 October 2012)

Sue Park (Korea)

Scribus 03 (10 September – 22 October 2012)

Shani Peters (USA)

Rachael Post (USA)

Sue Park is a painter, who uses documentation of her own dreams, memories and experiences to create surreal composites of dislocated concepts, emotional confusion and personal resolutions in physical form. Her current work is regarded as a secret diary, the embodiment of stream-of-conscious notations which she documented while in Manchester.

Film-maker/animator Shani Peters is interested in investigating and deciphering the nature of Afro culture today, with reference to history, spoken word passed down through generations, and the myths and legends bestowed by the processes of time. Peters showed her latest short film which encapsulates her research and conclusions to date.

Peters writes about the film she presented at the Open Studio event:

“The Queen Mother is coming…, 2012 is a single channel video work that introduces a new narrative concept inspired by my experiences in the UK, particularly on the old shipping docks of Liverpool.  The concept is of a reclaimed slave ship, returned to contemporary times for revolutionary purposes and directed buy a team of historical African Diasporan female icons of self-determination.  In the tradition of European nautical vernacular, the ship of my imagination is feminized.  Where the European language refers to it’s merchant ships as “she”’s and “her”’s (i.e. The Dobson was a 200-ton ship built in Liverpool in 1770. Her principal shareholder was William Davenport, one of the most active slave traders in the port, who invested in some 120 slave voyages during a career of nearly 40 years), the reclaimed ship is given a definitively female name (The Queen Mother Sistah Girl) and is under the direction of a women-lead crew (Harriet Tubman, Winnie Mandela, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and Angela Davis).”

Writer Rachael Post has recently been producing an animated graphic novel based on her already completed fiction for young adults “Dragon Girl”. Post is highly immersed in the culture of digital media and teaches several courses on the subject in Los Angeles, where she is based. Post made a 15 minute presentation about the Future of Digital Media which gave an overview of her research in concentrated format.