Open Studio Morphallaxis 04

Artists in Residence Michael Grant & Sara Maia

Morphallaxis 04 Residency, 30 May – 11 July 2011

Open Studio Private View – 6 – 9pm on Friday 8 July 2011

Recent artists-in-residence at ArtFunkl, Michael Grant and Sara Maia, are both painters with very different approaches and sensitivities towards the medium.
Maia’s paintings delve into the subconscious and investigate the landscape of dreams. Strange ambiguous creatures, half human, half animal or inanimate object, emerge carrying out mysterious, and sometimes disturbing, tasks. For ArtFunkl Maia has filled her studio space with an installation work which is intimate and detailed, allowing the viewer free license of response.
Grant’s work is based on his on-going research into the impact of the Second World War on the collective conscious of inhabitants and culture in localized areas. His fascination for this subject has taken him first to Papua New Guinea, where he studied the impact of a significant WWII battle on the town of Buna, and now to Manchester, where his evocative paintings capture the essence of important locations around the city which were targeted during the war.