A Place for Art(ists) to Live and Work

The first venue for ArtFunkl was located in Manchester, UK, and was followed by the addition of residency opportunities in Valencia, Spain, and The Merzbarn, Cumbria, UK. The main hub of the project was in a modern townhouse near to Manchester city centre. There were various types of residency available, and the criteria for these developed over time.

The mission of ArtFunkl is to be a place where artists can concentrate and focus their energy. The aim is to provide living accommodation and studio space to allow artists ultimate flexibility with their timetable, so that they can immerse themselves in their chosen project without having to contemplate traveling times. A stay at ArtFunkl is most suitable for independent people who like to create their own opportunities, and are willing to meet and start dialogues with local artists and curators.

ArtFunkl is currently taking some down time and hopes to return in 2018. Please follow the ArtFunkl Facebook page for updates and information