Adi Zilberman

Residency: Aspirus 06

26 September – 7 November 2013

The works of Adi Zilberman (Israel), in painting, collage and drawing, deal with darkness, sexuality and pain. She uses images from magazines and recreates the message of the composition by tearing and twisting them and by overlaying colours. The results enshroud the work with a veil of obscurity, strip away the vacuousness of the act of making beautiful compositions, and invite a re-reading.

Zilberman likes to think of beauty from an alternative perspective, for example by taking a glamourous magazine photo and imposing a different point of view onto it. Her interest is in the dark side of life, she focuses on the elements most people try to blank out daily. She reads about how others interpret the demons of humankind, is shocked and amazed by what she encounters, but also finds it seductive and compelling. She uses this horror:attraction interface in her work.

Recently Zilberman has been collecting old, thrown away photographs of people. She is fascinated by the hidden stories embedded in the images; the context of those people’s lives, the mysteries surrounding people from different periods which have been forgotten over the passing years. During her residency at ArtFunkl she has been experimenting with a new direction that combines her previous collage approach with drawing, fusing magazine tear-sheet forms with images from found photographs (from flea-markets and antique shops), to build madly chaotic ink drawings. These drawings grow on the page like a virus with seemingly no naturally starting point or end, and are packed with detail, inviting the viewer to get ever closer in order to inspect the artists vision of life.

Adi 1

Adi 2