Anil Saldiran

Residency: Aspirus 03

13  May – 10 June 2013


Inspired by the freedom of expression found in modern dance, Anil Saldiran (Turkey) uses his Art practice to capture energy and harness the dynamic of flow which can only arise from embarking on a project without any wilful direction of the mind towards an end product.

Using drawing as the main vehicle for his out put he allows the works evolve according to the emotional influences of the time and context of his current state. The inspiration for this approach is taken from pioneering dancers such as Mary Wigman (1886 – 1973) who translated the then new and innovative ideas of Existentialist thinking into dance method and practice.

During his residency at ArtFunkl, Saldiran has been working with a technique called Silverpoint in which a fine cylinder of silver is lightly dragged over a gesso panel leaving a trace of itself behind. The process is time consuming and contemplative; the act of expression, which is normally thought of as fast, splurging and unselfconscious, is slowed down to an excruciatingly lingering pace, allowing layers to be extracted from the general milieu, each of which represents a moment of self-reflective extricated from the body of the whole entity.

Salidiran’s practice with Silverpoint is temporally driven on a minute, second by second scale, as successive moments are given form and evolve. The beginning point of this is critical since the very first gestures cannot be erased and become the backbone of the piece, the end point is more fluid and subjective which creates a sense of open endedness in the finality of the work.