Candace Couse

Residency: Experimenta 01

7 January – 7 February 2013

Predominantly working with installation and video, Candace Couse (Canada) is a visual artist exploring issues surrounding space, place, and the body. Her work examines the basic human need to acquire territory as a prerequisite to identity, as well as the loss of security and anxiety that comes with disorientation. Functioning on the assumption that orientation is primary to all other human experience, the body has plays a central role in her art practice as both a mechanism for experience and as the principal terrain that we all initially acquire. Her work eagerly engages with the idea of personal geographies as intimate approaches to orientation and identity that are profoundly detached from collective knowledge and public geographies.

Experience is embedded in place and it holds memories that implicate people and events. We are influenced from the environment that surrounds us, and assimilate qualities of our environments onto ourselves. In doing so we are predicating upon ourselves objects from other (non-literal) domains of experience, creating metaphors that constitute our identities. With this in mind, Couse is currently creating a cohesive body of work called Waste that looks at love, loss and malady and the relationship between the pressing need to comprehend something in an immediate manner, and that which is secluded away and beyond seizure. Waste speaks to the yearning to appropriate space, to inscribe meaning and to mark a familiarity, turning space into place.

Couse is based in Ontario, Canada where she works and lives. She has a Bachelor of Visual Art (Honours) from Brock University in St. Catharines, Ontario, and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary, in Calgary Alberta. Couse has shown across Canada, and internationally in both galleries and at film festivals, and in 2012 was the recipient of The Italian Cultural Association MoCA, in collaboration with Arte Laguna art prize (artist in residence). In November 2012 she will be leading a fibre art workshop series at Haute école des Arts du Rhin, Mulhouse, France.