Charlotte Emily

Residency: Live/Work 01

24 October 2012 – 23 April 2013

Stitched within the fabric of everyday life, performance artist Charlotte Emily’s practice invites and engages others, as it reacts, reenacts, and rediscovers. Through an interdisciplinary approach she interrogates the idea of the individual, unpicks woven identities and relationships, and examines their societal position.

Currently Charlotte Emily’s work is focused on the act of sharing. In a world where we might share more virtually than we do in real life, Charlotte Emily feels a need to cultivate, empower and investigate the basic act of sharing in the everyday. In a world of billions of people the act of sharing, or not, is deeply entwined with the way we live and is fundamental to how communities function. Charlotte Emily believes there are important questions that need to asked, stories that need to be told, the rules of sharing understood; would you share your coat with a homeless person; would you even share half your coffee or croissant; or your ‘spare change’?

Charlotte Emily’s current projects have the working title, Become Hero. Become Hero starts with the individual and their relationship to sharing, and with deconstructing the ideas behind ‘self help’ guides, leading to an exploration into the place where sharing and heroic action in today’s society are born.