Chen-Hsi Wong

Residency: Scribus 05

22 November – 19 December 2012

Chen-Hsi Wong is a Singapore-based filmmaker, visual artist and educator. Her films include the award-winning short film, Who Loves the Sun (2006), about urbanism and trauma in three teenagers growing up in East Los Angeles, and Conversations on Sago Lane (2010), a documentary portrait of elderly immigrants ageing in place on government assistance in Singapore. In her soon to be completed debut feature film Innocents (2012), she continues to explore outsiders looking in from the periphery of society. Her work is concerned with memory, displacement, and urbanism, and questions our sometimes awkward fit within our environment.

Chen-Hsi’s films have screened at Clermont-Ferrand ISFF, Fike Evora IFF, Foyle IFF, Cergy-Pontoise ISFF, San Francisco Asian-American IFF, International Women’s Film Festival Dortmund/Cologne, Brno 16 IFF, Malibu IFF, San Diego Latino IFF, Palm Beach IFF, and Singapore IFF, amongst others. Her commercial work has included commercials and documentaries for TV. Chen-Hsi received her film training at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts. She is also an Assistant Professor in Film at the School of Art Design and Media at NTU in Singapore, where she lectures in directing and advanced production.