Damian Linossi

Special Residency Project – Valencia 01

Timescale (1 month): 1 October – 11 November 2011

Flores para SpreAD_Zweideutig (Unknown Project)
2011- Cinematographic photograph, Giclée Print.  246 x 200 cm.

En la vida de alguien más… (Unknown Project)
2011- Cinematographic photograph, Giclée Print.   200 x 150 cm.

Roberto/Dante (Unknown Project)
2011 – Cinematographic photograph, Giclée Print.  80 x 60 cm.

Damian Linossi is the descendent of an important avant-garde artist of Argentina.  He regards himself as the heir of the spirit and, for him, there is no art without spirit.

Linossi’s work is mostly portraiture, and he approaches his work as a director, paying attention to the slightest details and gestures. The characters in the portraits are about to, or are abandoning, a traumatic situation. Witnessing this affects our perspective of life, sets the viewer in an unfamiliar situation, tacit, paradigmatic, at the point when the rift between what we recognize as natural and unnatural in the world is unleashed. The dynamic look plays a main role in his pieces; it provides the confrontation with a human being who doesn’t exist.

The project Linossi carried out during his residency in Valencia is part of an on-going series called Unknown Project: Non-Existant People Portraits. It consists of a portrait series of people that are created in Photoshop, with images taken from different sources. He merges parts to create people that have never existed, contained only in a world of gigabytes on one little device.

The process is highly intuitive and Linossi allows the works to evolve naturally, he himself acts only as a guide in creating the final forms. The resulting Non-Existant People turn out to be virtual characters based on individual prejudices and conventions.
He recreate spaces, times and people frightened of not being rescued by anyone, charm fading, diluting, spreading. They act as an identification of hidden products of his mind.