Daphne Jiyeon Jang

Residency: Scribus 04

24 October – 20 November 2012

What does ‘breathing expression’ mean?

Video artist Daphne Jiyeon Jang hopes to move contemporary people to sympathize with the feelings of courage, trust, sacrifice, love, and compassion the figures in her video sculptures present, and that her works will breathe with new emotional life. Jiyeon Jang aims to unravel the captured time of sculpture, and her work invites people to breath, feel and communicate.

In parallel with the above is Jiyeon Jang’s intention to show the progressing narrative of classical sculpture in the west, to provoke thoughts of what works mean after the point of their making has passed.

The process of her practice is regarded by the artist as the planting of a virtual bone, which conjures up a facsimile of the original sculpture in 3D computer space. She then adds movement to form a moving sculpture with a new story, and a fresh set of references for contemporary times.

Jiyeon Jang’s recent projects have been The Kissing and The Burghers of Calais, both by Auguste Rodin. The Kissing is seen, in exhibition, on seven different screens, all with different movement and angles, allowing Jiyeon Jang to go deeper into her voyeuristic expression and recreation than one screen would permit.

In another piece, Noblesse Oblige 2012, the artist uses her choice of subject matter and title to bring this phrase into consideration in modern times, asking how these words would be understood nowadays and if they still have any relevance.