Danielle O’Malley

Are We Home? Are We There?

Baba Yagas

Jelly Bitch and Her Prozac Children 1

She Stole My Small Intestines While I Was Sleeping

Through prints, sculpture and narratives, the work of Danielle O’Malley creates and describes a society of fictional creatures, their morals, and their relationships to themselves and their world. This society explores ideas of utopias, dystopias, and the fine line between the two. These mutants attempt to find paradise between the cracks of their nightmarish realities, and vice versa. Themes of innocence and childhood attempt to sugarcoat their misery, while at the same time, emphasizing the terrors of their world. This imaginary world ultimately describes Danielle’s internal and external conflicts, and her reflection on her generation and her environment.

This fantastical society is built on multifaceted oppressive relationships, childhood nostalgia, loss of innocence, and an indeterminate state between longing for the mother and becoming the mother. It reflects on how we can find refuge from recession, oppression and monotony through new worlds we create. It emphasizes the destruction of our current society, how we can build solutions upon the ashes of our ruins, and find tiny treasures within the most apocalyptic decade in our world’s history.