Gloria Hernández

Residency: Aspirus 07

11 November – 16 December 2013

The main objective of the artistic production of Gloria Hernández (Mexico), is to create a window of observation constructed through the simplification of the traces of her drawings, and the complexity of characters. These formal tensions are created by a series of contradictions observed in the age, disproportion of human scale, and the juxtaposition of youthful facial features with older expressions of age. She utilises this tension to explore the experience of the viewer (la incertidumbre or uncertainty). The relevance of her pieces consist in the fact that they have flexible layers of significance which can be manipulated by the spectator

Currently her art makes an analysis of the processes of perception and its relation to personal and anecdotal aspects (lo consabido or well-known). Since 2012, it began to take different creative routes, such as watercolour, sculpture and digital painting. The exploration of new media was born with the idea of erasing the lines that separate spectators from the art they behold.

While at ArtFunkl, Hernández has been working on a project entitled “Nexus 6”. This emerged in 2008, based on a daily exercise that consisted of realising pencil drawings of people that were part of her immediate surroundings. The intention of Nexus 6 is to manifest, in a straightforward manner, the impression, in specific defined instances, that these people have left on her. Hernández understands impression as the effect or alteration of emotions caused by external stimuli. The resulting work project is a series of drawings and sketches which research and examine this principle.

Gloria 1 Gloria 2 Gloria 3 Gloria 4 Gloria 5