Helena Laine

Residency: Valencia 05

9 January – 8 February 2014


Me, Helena…

I was interviewed once for an article on the subject of the artists view of wisdom. What is wisdom?

A great Finnish sculptor Kain Tapper said: “There is no wisdom without
 love. One has to love. To love one’s work too, this boulder here. Otherwise nothing will work out.”

Will that be my motto.

I work like crazy and I take responsibility for my actions.

I do what I promise.

Sometimes I get over excited and stress out.

Then I dream, I wander

And I remember:
 To love is wisdom, one has to love one’s work, too.

Helena Laine is a painter and installation artist from Pori in Finland. In her works, a form of abstract surrealism comes into play, leading the viewer into dream-like realms which are delightful and lively, but also with the tinge of a feeling of sensory overload, as if one is trapped inside a beautiful piece of music.

Valencia fascinates me by its diversity and dissimilarity with Finland . The light, the people, the climate, the landscape, the sounds.
 All that I would like to store and immortalise in my paintings, to get ” the grand piano ” to play in Valencia chords.
 These grand piano paintings of mine are the works that I am best identified by, there are done dozens of them among my art works.

During her time at the ArtFunkl residency in Valencia, Laine explored her surroundings by photographing and absorbing the new influences found in her temporary environment, as well as making sketches of details which caught her imagination. She used this material as the basis for a series of 73 x 73cm (i.e. portable) oil paintings, which are full of life and energy, which illustrate Helena’s habitual preoccupations, such as the Grand Piano, combined alchemist-like with ther experience of the city of Valencia, which she embraced with both arms spread out wide. She also wrote extensively about her daily life during the residency, descriptions of her delving into the local art scene and connecting with artists there, and contributed to the ArtFunkl blog with weekly diary like instalments.

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