Hye Weon Shim

Residency: Aspirus 10

2 – 30 April 2014

Between Two Breaths

Hye Weon Shim (Korea) uses her work to find another space in the world via installation. She experiments with the incongruous placement of objects, seeking participation in the cyclical system of Nature. She is drawn to beauty and archetypal feeling which she captures in the sculptural elements of which her work is composed. Her previous work, “ Between Two Breaths” is about conversation between the mortal and immortal, or material and spirit. She tried to express what it is to be immortal, with the temporal material – clay. The placement of leafless branch or curved lines on the ground serves to remind us of the entrance from which life springs, and the place death takes us back to.

The sun does its job, the wind does its job and the water fulfills its task with sincerity and calm everyday, without any complaint. Nature is the most faithful of workers. Henry David Thoreau described this quality in his book Walden:

“ The setting sun is reflected from the windows of the almshouse as brightly as from the rich man’s abode; the snow melts before its door as early in the spring”(Henry David Thoreau)

The divine element is hidden in this quality of nature, so this is where Hye Weon Shim places her work and why she plays games with Nature. Her clay becomes a living entity to her, allowing her ideas to channel though it . It takes a breath and drinks water from the ground. She gives it soul in the form of pure porcelain and honey, or bone in the form of straw or leafless branch. She lets her clay object be part of the site, and the rain, wind, or sunshine melts it into the soil. It is quick, fragile and gone like our life. She lets her clay become part of Nature again. Human or animal would make a shape by stepping on it. The amount and size of clay object is controlled through information from the weather forecast, and she imagines shallow convex shapes or undulated wall shapes. Hye Weon Shim’s project will be continued for a period of time as a study of Time Lapse, and the images generated by photo and video will be displayed with written statements like a journal.

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