Irene Reiserer

Residency: Aspirus 09

16 February – 29 March 2014

Despite her traditional film education Irene Reiserer (South Tyrol) is intrigued by everything experimental. In her films she works with atmospheres, poetic dialogues, surrealistic soundscapes and associative editing. For her Master thesis at the Vienna Film Academy she wrote a Film Manifesto that called for a “living film” and her work often centres on themes like affiliation and identity.

“Letting the world breathe is more important than how we breathe

 in the face of the world.” Shih Tao

This time, working with stills more than film during her time at ArtFunkl, Reiserer set out on a journey. not in search of great adventures or excitements, rather on the streets of Manchester she hoped to find precious things tucked away in corners, which one only notices if one is in a state of meditating on how things are transformed by looking at them.

Public space nowadays is often discussed for its surveillance. Streets and squares have become places of discomfort and vulnerability. People do not linger any more. They keep busy and hurry on. They do not look or contemplate the environment they inhabit but seek to exit it as quickly as possible. Reiserer, determined to turn away from that negative perspective, searched for an alternative beauty, tapping into different rhythms of the city, finding parallel time zones coexisting next to each other. She looked for images charged with contrast between motion and stillness, noise and silence. She explored urban space, used or neglected, and as she looked she began to see patterns and colours everywhere, making forms and compositions that intrigued her.

The resulting works capture hidden spaces, discarded objects, oil and dirt on water, damp pungent undersides of bridges, and transform the very concept of the nature of these by presenting them as compositions of light, shade, colour and texture. The world becomes abstract, and through abstracting it, i.e. removing it from its inherent context, which overwhelms it with meanings, allows us to contemplate “it” as an entity in itself.

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