Ivana Salfity

Residency: Aspirus 06

26 September – 7 November 2013


A curious person remembering all the time some secrets like

Just ride with it.

Stay strong.

Be happy.

Always moving and adding a new line to the map.

Always looking up close, then standing away to look up again.

Usually need some more time for everything.

When decided, done.

Can’t help trusting in Love.

Can’t help doing my Call.

The research multimedia artist Ivana Salfity (Argentina) has been concerned with during her stay in Manchester, focuses on the relationship between the young, local community and their surrounding city environment. She has been seeking out these links by frequenting parks and green areas, where people go to walk or to be alone, as well as clubs and bars, where one goes to be with others and feel a sense of belonging. Salfity is interested in the temporal and spacial path we travel on, which modifies and reveals us. She believes that from the relationship between people and spaces something comes to light, becomes naked. It is this that she searches for, the transparency that appears at a certain time.