Juliana Kase

Special Residency Project at Merzbarn, Cylinders, Elterwater, Cumbria

1 – 15 October 2011

How to work without turning the back to the world?

This question has been a guideline in all Juliana Kase’s production. Far from the idea of the artist locked in
his/her own idiosyncracies, she positions herself as an artist and as a regular person at the same time. In doing so she elects to acknowledge that the concerns and problems scattered in our culture are the same issues that she deals with in her artwork.
Her goal is to articulate them in Art language, that is to say, use sensibility to deal with the matters of our time.

Juliana’s work is grounded in two different bases, which are responses to the space in which she works, and which can be regarded as opposite to each other. The technique and formal solution of each work is strongly determined by the place she is in.

When working inside the studio she explores the idea of creating something that will perambulate from one place to another.

When she is outside the Studio she considers inevitable not working with the specific context of the place.

In both situations she sees the possibilities of drawing. She understands drawing not just as a medium, but as a way to outline limits and limitations, highlight values, question perceptions, delineate social status and organize individual uneasiness.

For the Merzbarn residency Juliana spent time learning and absorbing the Cylinders property. She came to a point of understanding of the essence and qualities of the place and then interacted with it by creating delicate Artworks which integrated sensitively with their surroundings. The resultant works are neither judgmental nor connecting to the historical context of the property, they are simply there, knitted into the context of space time continuum.