Kathryn Williamson

Residency: Metamorphosis 07

22 November – 19 December 2012

Performance Artist Kathryn Williamson (USA), is interested in intentions, putting forth goals and aspirations and having the courage to stay focused. She tries to do the work she need to do; She is always in the process of finding her own work.

Kathryn hates artist statements, which she finds to be nauseating and limited. She is determined to no longer speak or write about her work. She refuses to reveal what its about; she wants us to tell her. She makes and she listens.

This is not a way to exempt herself from writing about her work, but rather a device she has employed which allows her to concentrate her energies on the many other topics and issues that interest her, that she would rather discuss: the body as site and sculpture, the meaning of Performance Art, Video and Sound Art, the need for a renewed new wave of Feminism in the United States, Dyslexia and how it’s misunderstood by most, falling, loops, the esoteric everyday.

Performance has been the foundation, the medium Kathryn works from. It is innovative; it challenges traditional definitions of Art. It breaks down categories and indicates new directions in Art.  Performance uses the body and she uses this medium to write her autobiography, to express her own experience in a culture or in the world. She absorbs everyday experiences and her thoughts, views and feelings are reflected in the work.