Lisa Gingles

Residency: Aspirus 04

27  June – 8 August 2013

The Lost Playground_sm

Lisa Gingles (Ireland/Spain) creates work which is about her life, the life of others, and sometimes the life of no-one at all. She use images of the past, feelings of the present and dreams of the future to inspire her, working always in small format and using a mix of drawings, paintings, collage and old books to tell what she describes as “wee stories”.

Gingles produces most of her work using old books, found in Flea markets in Valencia (where she currently lives) and in all the places and countries she visits. She is inspired by her reactions to her findings to bring each page to life with pencil drawings and collage, sometimes making use of the titles and words that lie beneath, or by devising a new story for a single page. She shies away from being too defined with her starting point and prefers to allow herself to be influenced by the music she hears, the dreams she has and the images around her.

Being an artist in residence at ArtFunkl has offered Lisa the opportunity to become immersed in an entirely different range of influences to the ones she is accustomed to. The object of her time in Manchester was to dive into this new world and let it wash over her without to many specific directions or criteria, finally influencing her work in a fluid manner emanating from the subconscious.