Marina Kelly

Residency: Scribus 18

19 May – 30 June 2014

Marina Kelly (USA), is an interdisciplinary artist who designs situations that bring people together, creating intimate occasions, site responsive performances, live art tableaux, looping videos and sculptural installations. Marina is a founding member of Dear Heart Dance and an original member of Farmwork (an intentional community of disparate artists who gather for one week each year for localized, spontaneous collaboration). Marina’s work plays with narrative and engages the poetic. She completed her MFA in time-based art from The University of Wisconsin, Madison.

Kelly’s process for creating performance work most often begins with a series of free-writes. This writing becomes the source material or actual performance text for what often ends up being intimate performance structures. She is interested in one to one (or “some to some”) performance work that allows for a deep connection between herself and the audience (viewer/ participant/ attendee).

Her writing has taken the shape of long-form poetry (Going Après Waiting, 2013) whereby a response poem (made in direct conversation with Faith Wilding’s 1972 feminist performance piece, Waiting) is delivered while walking down the street, with an audience of one in tow. In Hey, Fighter (2011), she delivered performance text directly to two participants in the boxing ring. This text was generated during a series of free writes following boxing lessons and training sessions at the gym. This project allowed for a deep reflection on the physical gestures associated with boxing, specifically, and intimate harm, more generally. The text addressed the delicate space felt between two people. The potential for care, the desire to control.

For her residency at ArtFunkl, Kelly has been interested in utilizing her time in a fairly regimented way i.e. engaging in morning meditation and writing, followed by a period of movement exploration. She has had a will to participate in the local Manchester cultural community, and to respond to the other artists, on site. During her 6 weeks in Manchester she has made an effort to become involved in as many events as she could manage to fit in, and  has initiated a collaboration with local artist, musician and model, Ruby Tingle, the result of which will be performed at the end of residency Open Studio.

Going Apres Waiting copy

Going Après Waiting, 2013

Holding You copy

Holding You in the Light, 2013