Marina Stavrou

Residency 3: Morphallaxis 02

Timescale (6 weeks): 23 February – 6 April 2011

Marina Stavrou (b.1977) originates from Corinth in Greece. She first studied English Literature at the University of Athens, and received a BA degree in English Literature in 2001. She attended Manchester Metropolitan University in 2000 as a student of cinema and creative writing. In 2010 she moved to Utrecht, The Netherlands, where she completed her Masters in Fine Art at Utrecht Graduate School of Visual Art and Design.

Her main interest is focused on the body and how it moves, as a resultant to contemporary cultural and environmental stimulus. She uses artistic media in order to explore the interface between the mind and the body relative to the space and time it occupies. The impetus for this realization is generated by interaction with the environment and documentation of the results.

Stavrou works mostly with film, digital as well as Super 8 and 16mm, and combines exercises and experiments in film with traditional drawing. She seeks definition for the connection between direct activity (drawing), and indirect activity (filming).

During Morphallaxis 02 residency at ArtFunkl, Stavrou plans to continue her research into this field, and compile an archive of new material and conceptual methodology, which can be revisited at a later date in conjunction with the progress of her output in film and drawing.