Martyna Alexander

Residency: Aspirus 08

9 January – 13 February 2014

Martyna Alexander (USA) is a young artist recently graduated from the University of Michigan Art & Design program. She works currently as a designer although she regards herself also as a painter, illustrator, sculptor and creativity magician!

Creative ideas and projects popping out of thin air and bubbling out of my ears!

Troubled by her recent focus on design process rather than art practice, she has been worried about losing touch with a part of herself that once was so familiar, and undertook to join ArtFunkl in order to revisit a feeling of full creative expression and exploration, which she identifies has been missing in her life.

Her painting work is inspired very freely by her multi-faceted character, which is simultaneously…
And down right ready for a new adventure!

During her residency at ArtFunkl, Alexander has untaken a series of large paintings playing on the “beauty and beast” pairing commonly associated with natural subject matter. Her process begins with selecting animals from the Global Endangered Species list and then paring them with a woman counterpart in each painting. These paintings not only explore the textures found in nature and different animals but also the dualism of 2D and 3D visual elements, including flat plains of colour and 3D subject matter. Bold colour and an illustrative quality are usually highly visible in her style.

The second series she has embarked on is smaller, and she has intended to use this as vehicle for the exploration of new ideas. She has allowed the theme for this to be open and to evolve as her residency has progressed. The paintings from this series are painted onto 11” x 9” wood paneling, and the works will be tied together by their abstract and absurd subject matter, and illustrative style.