Mayo Koide

Residency: Aspirus 04

27  June – 8 August 2013

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The work of Mayo Koide (Japan) is concerned with the creation of an alternative version of the world around us.

Her starting point is to observe what she sees in the environment – landscape, cityscape – and capture moments of this experience, via photography, focusing on texture, colour, pattern, repetition, decay; she picks out essential elements from the view and encapsulates them during this recording phase of her practice.

During the subsequent development of her installations, she recreates these elemental parts in artificial materials, selecting aspects of the research which touch her sensibilities and provoke a response. Thus power-lines viewed outside a window are translated as overlapping hanging threads draped over coloured map pins, or exact replicas of rocks are made in colourful resin, as if they are artifacts stolen from a fantasy sci-fi landscape. The outside traverses the boundary between the public and private world, becoming represented in a smaller, more personally orchestrated realm, and at the same time the reverse happens, since the materials inside the room become representational of things beyond their usual scale and scope i.e. mountains become mirrors: mirrors become mountains.

The use of everyday, non-precious, easily accessible materials, products which can be found around the home, is important to Koide in the creation of a connection between what we experience in our private world and what we are surrounded by when we cross the threshold of this and become embroiled in a bigger tableaux. She uses this method to build a direct relationships between the built environment and our own personal space, and also in more extreme way to represent landscape and nature.

The interface between the external world and the artifice of the covered space (Gallery, House etc) is a primary concern for Koide: she makes comparisons which record the fabric of our everyday lives, but which also have correlations in ideas of the external and internal representation of our Psyches. She subtly hints at questions of interpretation and objective understanding. She expresses how our eyes and mind deceive us, by gathering basic information and overlaying it with our own preconceptions…the realms we witness in our dreams look very different to the ones we live in.