Mike Crane

Residency: Conception

3 November – 15 December 2010


Mike Crane is an artist raised in Bogota, Colombia, and based in Brooklyn, NY. He earned his BFA from the Cooper Union School of Art.

For a work produced at ArtFunkl titled THE GMCC INDEX (1974 – 1986) Mike Crane taped a series of monologues at Chetham’s Library, the oldest public library in the English speaking world. A teleprompter was used to document a series of live readings performed by local actors who responded to an online ad. The readings were staged for visitors and library patrons for one week at Chethams Library, and the video documentation was installed for 24 hours in the Marx-Engels reading room.






Title: The GMCC Index (1974 – 1986), 2010 / video, 2 flatscreen monitors, books / Runtime: 15 min loop /Format: HD 16:9 ratio, color, sound