Paula Petroll

To underline,
to outline.

To create the possibility of a landscape with the least necessary meanings.
To form a construct that exists within its own environment.
To respond to present site characteristics.
To interweave imprints of structures from the past, from memory.
To draw the horizon without drawing the horizon.

To establish a place that is not only embodied in the paper, but reaches as far as the
viewer can physically as well as emotionally  bond with the drawing.

What starts as a pure black line becomes an arrow.
What evacuates the field of vision of all visual luxury beholds a movement in itself, a
mindscape of thoughtshapes, a semiotic island of structural echoes. A tangible
vocabulary of lines and patterns, geographically anchored in the site. A calm map of
reminiscent structures is conducted with black ink on white paper.

To unfold a micro cosmos of straight lines until it tells a story- a story of places, of
history, of grammar, a story of reverberation and time.
A story of an unfolding space of resonating possibilities, of quiet moments that evolve
throughout the white, exploring and conquering time as a third dimension.
A story manifested around a horizon that isn’t a horizon.

To rearticulate,
to resonate,
to remember.