Sara Maia

Residency 5: Morphallaxis 04

Timescale (6 weeks): 30 May – 11 July 2011

The work of Sara Maia (Portugal) represents an intense self-expression which is both vulnerable and demanding. She continuously challenges herself to expose previously uncharted realms of her psyche through her painting. Sometimes resembling scenes from dreams or nightmares, Maia’s work depicts tableaux occupied by strange creatures from her imagination. The compositions can be viewed as sinister, comical, or can take on many other interpretations. They are a constant provocation demanding that the viewer confront their own dark sides.

Maia describes herself as persistent, a personal quality she uses to push herself beyond her limitations. Her work is as much a constant dialogue she holds with herself as it is a response to new environments and people.

For her residency at ArtFunkl, Maia has wallpapered her entire studio space with her dream-like visions. The scenes are painted on rough cardboard which gives a raw, immediate quality to the work. From the centre of the space hangs a tent structure, also covered in paintings, which is an intriguing object hinting at Shamanistic rituals of unknown origin.