Satoko Nagashima

Residency: Metamorphosis 01

4 February – 17 March 2012


Words, in the form of Japanese or Chinese kanji, make up the components of each of the works created by Satoko Nagashima. The words are carefully selected, sometimes relating thematically to the subject matter and sometimes simply the colour of the traditional Japanese paint pigments Nagashima employs, which have their own historical resonance and evocative poetry.

She screen prints these words onto canvases using small screens which can be manipulated to create the depths and intensities of light, shadow and colour she requires.

The final work, landscape, cityscape or portrait unravels as the viewer approaches, becoming a cacophony of overlapping symbols on close scrutiny, only revealing the true intention from the point of a distant gaze.

Selection of pigments used:

azukiiro – aduki bean colour

binroujizome – betel palm dye

daidai iro – bitter (sour) orange

ebi iro – grape colour

hatoba iro – dove’s wing colour

koiai – dark blue indigo

koke iro – moss colour

susutake iro – sooty bamboo colour

tetsuguro – iron black