Shahribanu Abdulaziz

Residency: Aspirus 09

16 February – 29 March 2014

“To be an artist is exciting and painful at the same time. Exploring the

 inner self and stretching as an artist can be painful. But when you

 ‘get it together’, and put it on paper, board, canvas, or whatever,

and someone understands it and likes it; that’s excitement!”                 (Shahribanu Abdulaziz)

Painter, Shahribanu Abdulaziz (Azerbaijan) is interested in the interrelation of the environment with our internal world, our personal methods of vision, and our emotional response to both of these. She is observes and notes signs and symbols in the environment, and the behaviour of the humans who inhabit it: the laughter, smiling, crying, and the aura people emit. Sometimes she interprets her observations in light, joyful colours, but often these colours are dark and somber. Abdulaziz believes this is caused by people “not paying attention to the world around them”. They cannot interpret the symbols and signs in their lives, and therefore, by extension can never become unified with the portrayal of these in Art. Through her work she would like to show the world in simple beautiful form, in which her positive message is easily interpreted.

Abdulaziz’s project for ArtFunkl started with a study the culture of Manchester, getting to know the local residents, and familiarising herself with the rituals and urban legends of the city. She started on a series of sketches capturing the essence of what she was witnessing as simple clear images (symbols), and these sketches evolved gradually to be final works of acrylic on paper.

Abdulaziz believes that describing something as a symbol has a great significance and it is important to be very careful what these express: it is the pared down presentation of the light, and play of the light on forms; fixation of the eternity moment; magic of the sun and stars; shining of the landscape in the mornings and evenings; reflection of the water and the sky. She excludes all insignificant elements and retains the clean lines and shining light of the elemental world.

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