Shani Peters

Residency: Scribus 03

10 September – 22 October 2012

“The Queen Mother Is Coming” made by Shani Peters during her residency at ArtFunkl, 2012

Shani:image 1


Shani Peters (USA) main interest is in collective movement, in cyclical patterns throughout history and generations, and in cultural record keeping and accessibility. Her work examines histories in the focused context of present societal conditions, and re-presents them in manners consciously influenced by a hyper-mediated society. Her perspective is heavily informed by Her family and by the historical era in which she lives. She was born into the “Me” generation of the socially conservative 1980s by way of faithful Black Power era parents who live by a mantra of social responsibility.

Peters’ work is a product of research which is dense with appropriated material (both highly recognizable and commonly overlooked), popular reference, contradictory notions, with an eye turned towards realities yet unseen. Historical and pop cultural signifiers remixed into the work include The Black Panther Party, the sitcom families from “Good Times” and “The Cosby Show”, Barack Obama, Marcus Garvey, W.E.B. Dubois, Harriet Tubman, Madam CJ Walker, KRS1, Afrika Bambaataa, and Malcolm X. Peters recomposes these figures based on her own perception of their historical relevance, and more closely by the roles they’ve played in her personal socialization.

By positioning one idea against, or with another, layering references through collage, print, video and public art projects Shani Peters seeks to push back a standardized program through the creation of a new account, or record of existence.