Sul Ki Park (Sue Park)

Residency: Scribus 03

10 September – 22 October 2012

Materializing uncontrollable emotions and unconsciousness is the origin of Sue Park’s work as a painter. The realisation of this is derived from converting autobiographical experiences into the physical forms of paintings and drawings.

She regards her work like a secret picture diary where symbols are hidden. She spends time jotting down dreams and feelings along with personal incidents in a diary, wishing that somebody would find out the secrets. But at the same time knowing that it is not easy to show one’s diary to others. The repetitiously appearing subject matters in the painting echoes the dreams and secrets as a diary in picture form.

The image of the girl who appears in the paintings is autobiographical. Being a girl is not only concerned with with physical immaturity but also with emotional instability. The symbols that often appear in her works such as rabbits, tears, water, flowers, lozenges, pearls, the Virgin Mary, fruits are also related to the femininity Park aims to demonstrate in her work. These motifs sublimate anxieties caused by personal experiences, memories, unconscious images and feminine sensitivity. To Park, making an artwork is like using psychotherapy to control and soothe anxieties from past memories and the unconscious by making them tangible.

For her time at ArtFunkl Park set herself a project to make daily drawings and paintings as if writing a diary of the residency. Her emotions and dreams are generally influenced by new surroundings, which offers the opportunity to produce such works in terms of being part of a site-specific process.