Sullivan Goba-Blé

Residency : Metamorphosis 04

26 July – 6 September 2012

Sullivan Goba-Blé’s research leads him to salvage, integrate, stage and interpret the space of a picture in a frame. Using these means he can look at what happens around us. He uses the studio as a way of thinking; and uses this way of thinking to centre a subject in a space.

Goba-Blé believes that pictures and behaviours can be closed, but his investigation is way to experience the dynamic of space and extend the context. He pushes himself further, making a journey, a new ground to have encounters with space and behaviour.

The search is looking at the notion of shape, or how shapes are built. Doubt and structure focusing on some point between figuration and abstraction come in to play. Goba-Ble takes daily items out of their context to make a new sense, rendering an independent presence. He looks at at modern drapes, still life, portraits or landscapes, and overlays them with notions such as veil, heap, mass, envelopes and structure.

Waste becomes resource, hidden becomes shown, repulsion becomes attraction, inert becomes present, with doubt as a conviction. Empty states, blocked windows, full-screens create rhythms that play. Urban life especially interests him (he also works as a graffiti artist), a lot of questions that he focuses on regarding this and his practice turn around on themselves, and can be reflected in the urban environment. The energy of the metropolis cannot be ignored, and is a vital element to the questions and answers that he works with. His current body of work is installation based, concentrating on the idea of pile and reflecting on questions of how much information should be revealed, how much left in the darkness.