Sumit Sarkar

Residency: Aspirus 09

16 February – 29 March 2014

The work of Sumit Sarkar (UK), is hard to define in any conventional sense. This is primarily because his references are so diverse, and he in involved in projects that range from set design to digital printing to drawing, from small scale to huge. However, one thing each work has in common is a dynamic energy which rushes through each piece in a tidal wave of ideas and production.

Influences are multitudinous, but there are some overriding elements which can be drawn out and identified since they crop up many times, albeit interpreted in different forms on each occasion: Indian symbols and culture, Hinduism are mixed with gaming imagery, street art and graffiti in a cacophony of form which, rather than creating confusion and muddling the themes, results in a fresh look at the world and indicates a more modern way of thinking and handling those forms than we are used to; a clear reflection of a true multi-cultural environment acted on by a myriad ways of thinking and being, in which the rules and strictures of society in the past have been dispensed with and re-created in a more modern, workable format.

The works look very technical, and sometimes are, since in the past the artist has immersed himself in 3D printing and computer graphics as tools for generating forms, both 2D and 3D, but if one sees beyond the technical prowess, they seemingly flow intuitively from the mind of the creator, and have a sincerity which is compelling. The works are curiosities, and engage on that level, but also provoke a deeper contemplation of the aritist’s message.

Sarkar has used the past few weeks at ArtFunkl to go back to basics, remove himself from the technical world and go analogue for a while. He has been working on a series of drawings, which has allowed him to explore free form making, and develop his style further using this simple, fast and easily accessible medium.


Sumit 2

sumit 1

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 18.11.53

KKerstCar, metal sculpture (2010)

Screen shot 2014-03-20 at 18.12.51

Buzzbeak, metal musical interactive sculpture. Created with engineer Duncan Turner (2012)