Swagata Bose

Residency : Metamorphosis 03

12 June – 24 July 2012


The art practice of Swagata Bose is focused on stretching her creative process beyond her comfort zone at any given time. She also believes in documenting the times to which she belongs, using image forming to capture points of intrigue in her environment. She strives to look for the moment in time which holds tension, emotion, and movement.

Bose has established herself in her native India as a painter of figures and landscapes/cityscapes. When devising a body of work she tends to set aside conceits of narrative, and allow herself to become consumed by the subject reacting to light, to lines, and to juxtapositions and subtle intermingling of colours.

Bose’s work is often accompanied by text; free form poetry or specific words, with the intention of offering guidance to the piece without detracting from the viewers opportunity for self-reflection and interpretation.

For ArtFunkl, Swagata took the opportunity to move away from painting and created an installation comprising of sculpture, drawing and collage. The resulting work was embued with the spirit of her free flowing approach and combined many of her artistic preoccupations with her impressions gained from the experience of visiting Europe for the first time.